December 2017: cels from my gallery are on sale, just have a look at all the pages. Serious buyers are welcome. Don't hesitate to leave me a note with the link to the cel and I'll tell you if I'm ready to part with the cels you've selected and at what price. My prices are fair but my goal when I sell is to break even with my own buying costs.

Hi this is a gallery mostly dedicated to the 1970s Robot Anime Ufo Robo Grendizer or Goldorak in French. I will add some other Animes' cels but my main interest remains Grendizer.

Hope you enjoy my cels...I've been collecting them for 14 years now and am still looking for new ones although it's becoming more and more difficult.
As promised, I'm adding a few cels from other series. My main interest remains Grendizer but I can sometimes buy another cel if I find it interesting.

Bonjour a tous, voici une nouvelle galerie dedide principalement a Goldorak. J'ai ajoute quelques cels de series differentes que j'achete parfois sur un coup de coeur. La base de ma collection reste neanmoins Goldorak/Grendizer.

Enjoy the updates/j'espere que vous apprecierez les updates
(note: I've added zz before the new series name in order to keep all of the Grendizer listings together)

Dec 1st 2011: May this gallery and its cels/Dougas/Gengas be a respectful tribute to the work of Sensei Araki Shingo who passed away yesterday. I will never be able to express in accurate words what his work (with Michi Himeno) has brought to Japanese animation and to viewers around the world. I bow before you. Please know that the few testimonies of your talent in my possession will be cherished and showed and honored and protected as they should be. Thank you for giving us/me those moments of pure joy as a child and as an adult who still loves your animes... JV.

June 24th 2013 : probably my biggest update in Grendizer. It's been long gathering those cels but thanks to Cosmic for his patience and understanding. I'll treasure those beautiful cels.

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1/19/2008grendizer1970's gallery now open.

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Title Last Updated
(1) Actarus Daisuke in Grendizer (19) 6/13/2013
(2) Prince d'Euphor - Duke Fleed in Grendizer (4) 12/16/2011
(3) Alcor Kabuto Koji in Grendizer (11) 12/19/2016
(4) Phénicia - Maria Grace Fleed in Grendizer (5) 6/13/2013
(5) Vénusia - Hikaru Makiba in Grendizer (3) 6/14/2013
(6) Le centre - Umon's Scientific center in Grendizer (8) 5/2/2015
(7) Le ranch du Boulot Blanc - Shirakaba ranch (4) 10/27/2013
(8) Personnages secondaires - other characters in Grendizer (3) 4/21/2011
(9) Plusieurs personnages - More than one character in Grendizer (13) 5/10/2018
(91) Grendizer's Enemies from Vega (19) 5/2/2015
(911) Grendizer's enemies : Vegalia/Rubina (10) 6/24/2013
(912) Grendizer's enemies ep 50 : Commando (6) 5/10/2018
(92) Robots et vaisseaux ( Grendizer's spaceships) (27) 5/2/2015
(93) Rare items Grendizer Goldorak (11) 6/24/2013
(94) Douga/crayonnés Grendizer (36) 6/14/2013
(95) Gattaiga Pilot OVA Grendizer (2) 5/26/2013
Grendizer characters by other designers (3) 6/22/2019
zz Candy Candy (12) 5/10/2018
zz Captain Harlock/Albator (20) 12/19/2016
zz Cat's Eye (16) 7/9/2014
zz City Hunter (89) 5/10/2018
zz Dangard A (16) 12/18/2010
zz Lady Oscar/ Versailles no Bara (50) 5/10/2018
zz other robot series: getta robo , Great Mazinger (14) 9/10/2010
zz Other series Maya Hutchi carebears (7) 7/30/2011
zzz Cels gone somewhere else (95) 5/26/2013

Curator: grendizer1970
Gallery Created: 10/30/2007

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